Event Branding, Marketing & Fundraising

TotalLink2 Community (TL2C) is a Chicagoland-based nonprofit organization that focuses on providing community opportunities to people and families with disabilities. Their annual fundraiser, The Revelry, brings in donations in support of programming and resources to enhance their clients' lives.

Identity & Print Collateral

The Revelry identity includes a co-branded approach to introduce company materials as giveaways and integrate company awareness on-site, while maintaining a cohesive look throughout creative materials.

Corporate Marketing

Company marketing materials create a cohesive look throughout the event, while integrating company awareness on-site to promote their wide range of person-centered services that promote employment, independence, and strong social connections in communities.

Interior Design & Engagement

The branded interior space creates a celebratory atmosphere, from check-in, buying raffle tickets and viewing auction items to entering the dining area with unique centerpieces and digital screen graphics.

Design Work

Logo, save the date, invitation, envelopes, rsvp and donation cards, website, social media graphics, on-site posters and backdrops, print signage, digital presentations, program booklet, raffle tickets, silent auction sheets, postcards, gift boxes, marketing pamphlets, thank you cards.