Branding & Marketing

The Kellogg annual reunion event brings back over 2,000 Alumni to campus for a networking and learning experience. The branding and marketing campaign increases awareness of reunion engagement opportunities and drives Alumni to register. From direct mail and email marketing to seamless online registration, fully responsive website design to social awareness, mobile app implementation to on-site engagement, the reunion brand creates a celebratory feel to promote attendance and engagement.

Mobile App / Navigation Icons

Mobile App / Schedule of Events

Mobile App / Interactive Maps

Printing & Signage

Large and small scale print signage lead Alumni through on-campus and off-campus event spaces, creating a celebratory atmosphere.

Interior design recommendations transform off-campus event spaces to reflect the Kellogg reunion branding.

Fundraising & Recognition

The Reunion Cup Challenge is a donation challenge to enhance Alumni participation and provide recognition to individuals and celebrating classes at reunion who give back to the organization.

Design Work

Logos (Reunion event, Reunion Cup Challenge, Story Share), letterhead, postcards and print marketing materials, email campaigns, online registration, microsite, swag (buttons, water bottles, frames, pens, etc.), print and digital signage, directional and way finding signs, interior design and graphics, on-site check-in and badge pick-up kiosks, badges, mobile app, faculty presentation templates, digital presentations, paid and organic social media advertising, social marketing.